Being a parent is one of the most important and challenging things you can do. Helping guide your children to become healthy, happy, responsible and caring adults takes effort and focus.

Our social workers help you:

• to build confidence and skill in your parenting role through the different stages of your child’s early development

• to connect you with other parents and local support and resources in your area.

• to help you to manage your child’s behaviour, emotions and development in a way that isn’t hurtful, but encourages positive communication, strong relationships and good behaviour.

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Our Testimony

I am writing this letter in appreciation of the kindness and help I received by New Zealand Ethnic Social Services Trust. Given my past situation (things that went down with my family), my visa situation and status, and struggling with a few personal issues, I was really running out of hope and saw no way out; until my partner’s mother brought me to NZESS, and that’s where I met the lovely social worker. She was very warm, kind to me and very considerate, listened intently to the very complicated situation I was put in because of everything I went through, and brought light to a few options I could have. She showed me there was a way when I was really lost, and I will forever be grateful for this. Although not much could be done, social worker got me in touch with an excellent lawyer, who assisted with my visa application, and was very genuine. With his help, my visa got approved without any hassle in a little over two weeks’ time. I cannot express my gratitude enough for this, eventhough it may not seem like much. The social worker gave me hope, and that’s what I am thankful for.

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