NZESS Counselling workshops help you to organise your life, to achieve normalization and balance; to identify your strengths and conflicts, and to get you where you want to be.
It helps you to recreate your connections with your parent, partner, children, friends and your community. NZESS counselling service offers help in the following areas :
•Anger Management
•Bipolar Disorder
•Dissociative Identity Disorder
•Domestic Violence
•Eating Disorders
•Family Issues
•Sexual Abuse
•Employment Issues
•School Issues
•Custody Cases

Live Workshop – NZESS workshops provide you with some tools to manage stress and to promote wellbeing. They do so using the following methods :
Group brainstorming
•Educational Videos
•Group activities
•Individual activities
•Experiential learning activities
•Group challenges and competitions

1-on-1 coaching -this consists of private meetings between the counsellor and the clients . Counselling can take place through weekly meetings or at times agreed on by client and counsellor.

Zoom Meetings – these cater for the recent effects of Covid-19; and help individuals and groups with their wellbeing and safety while they are in their bubbles .

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