Support Services and Advocacy


Families  benefit from our holistic  support services and also from  the experience that the staff bring and the relationships built with Government and Non-Government agencies alike. Families  also benefit from the cultural knowledge that is held within the agency and the  staff’s experience within the legal and Police environment.We are able to assist with most issues that our clients experience. We  explain New Zealand law and the possibilities for both victim and perpetrator and  address issues from a cultural perspective .We build engagement of our clients due to their feeling that we understand and  often  are able to speak in the first language of the families whom we deal with.



Communication Services

The aim of these  services is to  offer ways of communicating or dealing with the client’s needs  to reduce the level of fear or confusion and minimize problems when  families deal with New Zealand governmental or community services. NZ Ethnic Social Services Trust is linked with a number of New Zealand agencies and community organizations. We can act as a mediator and assist you with any government procedures. If we are unable to help you. We can put you in touch as approprate  with any of the following :

Work and Income(WINZ)
New Zealand Immigration Service
Ministry of Education
Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)
Local Councils
Local Community Organizations
Housing New Zealand Corporation
Oranga Tamariki


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