Parenting Workshop

The NZESS parenting course brings parents together to support each other and to explore a range of issues related to the parenting role. The course helps parents enhance their relationship with their child and to find positive ways of dealing with troublesome behaviour.

The parenting course can vary in format and content, but will include a range of the following topics:

Relationship building skills: Descriptive praise, play, talking and listening skills, one-on-one time, unconditional love and acceptance, giving positive attention and empathy,

Social skills: Helping children to make and keep friends and fostering sibling harmony.

Ways to help children learn: Ways to encourage life-long learning, partnering with schools, reading, managing homework and encouraging persistence.

Having fun; family outings, things to do with children, special time, celebrations

Ways to help children become independent: allowing freedom as children mature, helping at home, problem-solving skills and confidence building.

Ways to instill values and morals; modelling, noticing and praising and discussing moral dilemmas

Ways to manage children’s (and adult’s) anger and frustration: ways to regulate emotions, reflective listening and managing tantrums

Good parental skills: Strategies to stay calm, parenting as a team, personal time out, maintaining good adult relationships, using support networks, understanding child development, managing family arguments and dealing with stress.

Ways to help children understand boundaries: setting rules, having clear limits, saying ‘no’ assertively, establishing clear routines and promoting positive behaviour

Ways to deal with misbehaviour: positive discipline, staying firm, being consistent, natural consequences, distraction, ignoring, time out etc

Live Workshop

NZESS workshops are delivered in the following manner :

  •Best practice theories

  •Educational fun games

  •Group brainstorming

  •Case studies


  •Educational Videos

  •Group activities

  •Individual activities

  •Action planning

  •Physical tasks

  •Experiential learning activities


  •Group challenges and competitions

This ensures learners enthusiasm to work as well as knowledge retention.

1-on-1 coaching

this consists of private meetings consisting the  fowling subjects :

  Ways to help children learn and become independent;

Ways to instil values and morals;

Ways to manage children’s (and adult’s) anger and frustration;

Good parental skills;

Ways to help children understand boundaries;

Ways to deal with misbehaviour.

Zoom Meetings – to cater for the recent effects of Covid-19; NZESS offer the Zoom online parenting  meetings  on Zoom for the individuals or the families who can not attend the live workshops or 1 on 1 meetings.

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